The Selling Process

1. Comparative Analysis

I research the value of your home from as many angles as possible. My criteria include: present competition; recently sold comparable properties; historical sale maximums for comparable properties; trading price per ft2 on comparable homes; the current ratio of sale prices to city assessments on comparable homes. No one researches price better than us.

2. Determine Value

We sit down together to determine the best price for your home, given the current market conditions revealed in my comparative analysis.

3. Price Strategy & Forming the Value Proposition

Except in unusual conditions, the market will not permit all comparable homes to sell. Therefore, it is essential to determine price based on competition, not just historical comparables. Getting the price strategy right is crucial—and it's part of my expertise. With that foundation I will form a value proposition that will demonstrate why your house stands out from the competition.

4. Contracts and Forms

In the sale of your home you will deal with several professional services, including my own, and you will need to fill out a variety of forms on a certain timeline. I am committed to make this process intelligible and transparent.

5. MLS Listing

We know that home buyers like to use to find and view homes. One of the keys to marketing your home well is not just to get it listed, but to tell a story that demonstrates the value of your home with pictures and words. I will take care of that for you.

6. Show Property

Another key component of marketing your home is to show your home at its best. I will give you advice and information on how to showcase your home. Together we will work out the best arrangements for showings and open houses. I will implement our plan for networking with targeted city realtors, with the Vaughan Mealey & Associates team, and with targeted groups of buyers. I will oversee the production of professional-quality marketing tools, including feature sheets, signage, print and web advertising.

 7. Frequent Feedback

You can expect to hear from us. We will give regular progress reports and updates. And we will clearly communicate to schedule showings or an open house.

8. Receive Offers

You can’t predict the shape or size of the offers you will receive: every situation is unique. But you can predict that I will bring my experience and honest assessment to help you evaluate your offers. I will help you arrive at a fair and mutually agreed contract with the buyer.

9. Subject Removal

I will work with the purchaser and his or her realtor to be sure that all conditions of the contract are met, and to ensure that the buyer’s deposit is secured in a trust account at the brokerage of the buyer’s realtor.

10. Completion (or closing)

The art of negotiation is crucial to ensure that your home sells at the best price, in good time. I strive for excellence in negotiation so I can help you finalize a contract that properly reflects the value of your home. At the completion of the sale I will forward the required documentation to banks and lawyers. I will make sure that property title is transferred to the buyer and the proceeds of the sale are transferred to you. And I will retain a record of the transaction.

11. Possession

On possession day I will coordinate the handover of the keys, and will welcome the buyers to their new home on your behalf. I aim to earn your trust so that by possession day you have become my client for life and will enthusiastically recommend my services to your friends.