Moving In

On this page you will find resources to make your move smoother.

Tips from the Pros

Check out “Moving Checklist: What to do and when to do it” from for some good advice on how to go about your move. This is a well thought through to-do list, beginning a couple of months before the move.


Here are some links to help you with your move.

Natural Gas & Electricity

Natural Gas and Electrical utilities have been de-regulated in Alberta since 1985. You have several options in choosing suppliers and distributors, and you have options in whether you choose a fixed-rate plan or a plan in which the cost of your electricity and natural gas fluctuate with the market. There are advantages to both kinds of plans.

For a complete list of Natural Gas and Electrical companies, see the list of Energy Providers in the Government of Alberta’s website for the Utilities Consumer Advocate. You will find information here to compare the energy providers and understand their plans. And you will find links to connect you with the companies of your choice.

Water, Sewer & Garbage Disposal

The City of Calgary has contracted with Enmax to bill for Water, Sewer and Garbage Disposal services. You will find information on the City of Calgary’s Water and Wastewater page. You can inquire about your bill and set up new accounts at Enmax.

Other Connections

Here are some other connections you might find useful in your move.

Phone & Cable

You have several options for land line phones, cell phones and cable television providers. And there are several choices to bundle these services. While there are other providers, here are the big three:


Calgary has more and more options for elementary schools, middle school and high school education. These include the Calgary Board of Education (CBE), which is the public system, and the Calgary Catholic School District. But within these boards you will find several choices, including the Traditional Learning Centres, an alternative K-12 program within CBE; and many other possibilities both within CBE and the CCSD.

Calgary also has a thriving and diverse set of charter schools. You can access “Learning at Home” programs. And there are several excellent private schools as well. You can explore these and other options at the Government of Alberta Education website.

By following the links embedded here you can begin to explore these options.